Monday, May 25, 2009

Many the Memories - Parhaimmat muistot

Today is the First Anniversary of Finnpicks. Close to 300 posts has been posted. To celebrate the day I have chosen "Parhaimmat muistot" (Best of memories) to be today's Finnpick. Becouse that's what the year has done to me - brought back some of my best memories. I hope something like that has happened to you, too. Jouko and Kosti (see previous entry) recorded "Parhaimmat muistot" in 1970 and it was only a minor hit for them. But the song has some staying power. The original was done by an Irish showband called The Real McCoy. The song reached #4 in Irish charts in 1969. The band was one of Ireland's first true "pop" bands scoring two hit singles in 1968. In mid-1969, they added trumpet player, Dave Coady to the lineup to both fill out the sound and strengthen their vocal sound. Their first release with Dave on lead vocals was this "Many The Memories".

Here's the pair:


Anonymous said...

Matti Inkinen is dead.

Thankz Matti.

Anonymous said...

Parhaimmat kiitokset tästä kappaleesta !
Ei varmaan ollut helpoimpia löydettäviä tuo alkuperäinen.

Vielä kun löytäisit Joukon ja Kostin
Näin on marjat.

Sen seuraksi kannattaa laittaa sitten molemmat vieraskieliset, eli 4 vuodenajan alkuperäinen ja sitten Lahtikaupungin rullailijoiden kaikkien tuntema versio ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi blockkeeper ! :)

The paying-links doesn't work. Would you please prepair it. :)



DM said...

Thr links work again ...