Sunday, May 17, 2009

So You Win Again - Osuit oikeaan

Eurovision Song Contest 2009 Final is now safely behind us. This was the 3rd time Norway won and Finnpicks dedicates today's song to Norway. Congrats! Kari Tapio recorded "Osuit oikeaan" (You got it right) in 1977. Kari wasn't at the time big enough to make a big hit out of it, but still the performance is enjoyable even in today's standards, The arrangement was done by famous Finnish arranger and composer Veikko Samuli. The original song was called "So You Win Again" and it was witten by Russ Ballard and produced by Mickie Most. It was performed by Hot Chocolate, being the band's sole UK number one single, spending three weeks at the top in July 1977.They were originally named 'The Hot Chocolate Band'. This was quickly shortened to Hot Chocolate by Mickie Most. Interestingly, Hot Chocolate started their recording career with a reggae version of John Lennon's "Give Peace A Chance" in 1969. Lead singer Erroll Brown and bassist Tony Wilson wrote most of their original material. Hot Chocolate achieved their biggest successes in the disco era of the mid- to late 70's.

Here's the pair:

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