Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Long Live Love - Kun rakastaa

In the year 1974 ESC was held in Brighton. The UK entry this time was "Long Live Love" performed by Olivia Newton-John, a British/Australian pop singer. At the time Olivia wasn't quite the superstar as she later would be, but nevertheless was one of favourites in the contest. The song came 'only' fourth. Rumour has it that Olivia didn't like this song and preferred others from the UK preliminaries, but this was chosen by a public postal vote. I doubt that those other songs wouldn't have made any difference, becouse this was the year that Abba won with 'Waterloo'. Finland's Carita Holmström placed 13th. Päivi Paunu (see previous entry) recorded the Finnish version of "Long Live Love" with the title "Kun rakastaa" (When one loves). On the other side of the single was cover of that years' Netherlands' entry, "I See A Star" that Päivi performed together with Kai Hyttinen.

Here's the pair:

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