Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Det gör detsamma - Jossain

The greatest hit of Merja Rantamäki (see previous entry) was "Jossain" (Somewhere) in the year 1977. It is still warmly remembered and frequently requested. The pro-nature lyrics were done by rhyme-master Juha Vainio. The original song was of Swedish origin and called "Det gör detsamma" (It doesn't matter). It was performed by popular dansband Schytts in 1976. At the time several Swedish artists made their versions of the song, but perhaps Schytts' was the first one. The group Schytts was born already in 1962, but at first they were known as Public Killers(!). Becouse punk and/or underground were not in fashion those days, its understandable that they quickly changed their name. The new moniker was taken after drummer Yngve Schytt. The band played frequently in folkparks but their big breakthrough chartwise didn't come until 1973. The band is still active, but it has of course gone through many line-up changes.

Here's the pair:


Anonymous said...

Tämä ruotsalainen alkuperäinen olikin aiemmin kuulematta.

Hyviä molemmat.

Anonymous said...

ja tuo ruotsalaisversio on thety bensiskokoelmalle 2006, Alkuperäinen oli Wizex 1977

Arrowman said...

Or Nonnes on album "Årets platta"... also from 1977. Beror på ut för vem Bert Östlund har gjort musik mitt i 70-talen.