Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sorry, I'm A Lady - Sorry, jos oon lady

We slide away from 'Ladies' to Baccara with this song. Lea Laven recorded "Sorry, jos oon leidi" in 1978 for her album "Aamulla rakkaani näin". In the same year also Vicky Rosti and Mami versioned the song with the same lyrics (by Pertsa Reponen). Mami was an interesting group. It was a vocal duo of Maarit (see earlier entry) and Irina Milan (see earlier entry) formed for making the "Disco Shock" album in 1978. They recorded 9 tracks for the album, mainly Baccara covers. It's a pity that this dynamic duo has not made any further recordings. But of course they both have individually made brilliant careers in the music biz. The original song "Sorry, I'm A Lady' was the second single of Spanish duo Baccara (Mayte Mateos and María Mendiola) in 1977 and big hit all over the world. This song, as all their hits was written by Dutch producer and composer Rolf Soja. You can see Mayte and Maria perform the song, here.

Here's the triplet:

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