Monday, March 22, 2010

Love You Till I Die - Sulle ainiaan

The first Baccara -singles were aptly covered in Finland - both A-sides and B-sides. Mami (see earlier entry) recorded "Sulle ainiaan" (To you forever) for their one-off project album "Disco Shock" in 1978. The Finnish lyrics were done by Pertsa Reponen. Another version to the same lyrics was done by Taiska; this cover was released on the B-side of Taiska's big hit single "Miksi näin". I will add this version here in the very near future. The original "Love You Till I Die" was the B-side of Baccara's second single "Sorry I'm A Lady" (finnpicked here). You can see Mayte and Maria perform the song, here.

Updated on 23.03.2010: added Taiska's version

Here's the triplet:

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