Friday, March 5, 2010

Isabelle - Isabelle

The actor and singer Tapani Perttu (see earlier entry) recorded "Isabelle" in 1974. It was never released as a single (a pity), and it was just a track on his album "Ootko yksin sä nyt". Tapani was kind of "specialist" in recording covers of powerful French ballads. This was one of those, a song written and originally performed by Charles Aznavour. Aznavour calls "Isabelle" "a lyrical song about a girl with a very sweet name". He recorded it for his album Aznavour 65 and it has become one of his most popular love songs. In 1998, Charles Aznavour was chosen as "Entertainer of the Century" by CNN and users of Time Online from around the globe. He was recognized as the century's outstanding performer, with nearly 18% of the total vote, edging out Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan.

Here's the pair:

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