Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mad In Madrid - Si Si Senjor

Yesterday we praised Granada, today we do the same for Madrid. However, Mami (i.e. Maarit and Irina Milan) did not expicitly sang about the city in their 1978 Finnish version called "Si Si senjor". But as the title suggests, they had a very positive attitude towards Spain and Spaniards (and it all happens in Madrid). In the original song "Mad In Madrid" Baccara sings 'Madrid is paradise'. The lyrics were - as in almost all Baccara hits - done by German songwriter and producer. Frank Dostal. The song was on the B-side of their 1978 hit "Darling" in at least Dutch and Japanese pressings, but it was not released on their regular albums. So it's kind of a rare track, but of course available on many Baccara compilations.

Here's the pair:

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