Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ay Ay Sailor - Tartu käteen ja tykkää vähän

This is the last in our line of Baccara covers. Maisa Tammi recorded "Tartu käteen ja tykkää vähän" (Take my hand and love a little) in 1980. It was released as a single and on some compilation album, but never received the attention it should have deserved. Also Meiju (see earlier entry) recorded a version of this song, but it didn't fare any better. Unfortunately there's nothing to tell about Maisa Tammi. She recorded four songs in 1980-81 and one more in 1986. But the singer has been buried in oblivion. The original song "Ay Ay Sailor" was the original Baccara's last big international hit. You can see them perform it live, here. BTW, "ay" is in English an alternative spelling of aye ("yes"), and in Spanish an interjection, meaning something like "ooh". So, the song title can be interpreted as "Yes Yes Sailor" and "Ooh Ooh Sailor".

Here's the pair:

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Anonymous said...

loistava kappale.tässä tulee aina reipas fiilis kun tätä Kuuntelee...tämän tahtiin olisi nastaa jortsata ja jammata ja reissata Ympäri maailmaa ja eurooppaa ja suomea