Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Angie - Angie

The second in the line of songs about women, is the song about "Angie". Although the name Angie is not used in Finland as a first name, a band that in the 60's was called Heikki Pettersson Sextet, but raised to fame in the 70's as Petri & Pettersson Brass, decided to dedicate this song to her in 1973. It was the A-side to "Sait pelkkää sympatiaa", finnpicked earlier, here. The original "Angie" was of course the one that The Rolling Stones sang about in 1973. The song was one of the rare acoustic ones by Stones. There has been many speculations over who was "Angie" in the song. It's been suggested that it was David Bowie's wife Angela, or Mick Jaggers former girlfriend Marianne Faithful. But the author of the song (Jagger) says that it was written for Angela "Dandelion" Richards (pictured above), daughter of Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg, born in April 1972.

Here's the pair:

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