Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ladybird - Leikiten - Leppäkerttu

Well, here's one true classic, covered many times all over the world. Lasse Mårtenson and Marjatta Leppänen were the first to cover this song in Finnish. They recorded "Leikiten" (Easy as a child's play) in 1968 and it was minor hit. Lasse we have met many times before but now we hear Marjatta's voice for the first time. She began her recording career already in 1961, had some hits in the 60's and 70's but she gradually turned more and more into performinmg in stage shows and doing televison work. The song was re-covered in 1989 when Anna Hanski (see previous entry) with Pekka Kaasalainen (singer/guitarist from the group Vilperin Perikunta) recorded it with different lyrics titled as "Leppäkerttu" (Ladybird). The original song "Ladybird" was written by Lee Hazlewood and performed by him and Nancy Sinatra. It was a smash hit for them worldwide even if the song stayed at number 20 in the US charts in 1967. As a bonus we present the 1993 version by Anna Hanski and Lee Hazlewood from their album "Gypsies And Indians".

Here's the bunch:

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