Thursday, March 4, 2010

Emmanuelle - Rakkaus jää

Anneli Pasanen had a short career as a singer in the 70's and 80's. She had a good voice, particularly suitable for chansons, but she never quite had the success she deserved. One of his rare hits was this "Rakkaus jää" (Love will stay) in 1979. The original song became known around the world as it was the theme of the legendary erotic movie "Emmanuelle". It was co-written and sung by French singer-songwriter Pierre Bachelet. Pierre wrote a lot of film scores, and in the wake of the success of "Emmanuelle" in 1974, he scored another erotic movie "Story of O" in 1975. Interestingly, the theme song of this movie, "Je ne suis que de l'amour" was also covered in Finnish in 1975 (by Päivi Paunu) with the title "Jos rakkaus jää" (If love will stay). I.e. almost the same title that the Finnish "Emmanuelle" -cover would get four years later.

Here's the pair:

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