Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rhinestone cowboy - Muukalainen oon kai

Rexi (see eaarlier entry) recorded "Muukalainen oon kai" (I may be a stranger) for his album "Parasta maailmassa" in 1983. It was released only as a album track. As was the first Finnish version by Kari Tapio. Both versions had the same arranger; Veikko Samuli. I will present Kari's version here when I get it. The original song was the Glenn Campbell classic "Rhinestone Cowboy". It was written and recorded in 1974 by songwriter/singer Larry Weiss, who had earlier written the hit "Bend Me, Shape Me". It appeared on his album "Black and Blue Suite". Neither that version, nor a cover by Neil Diamond made it in the charts. Glenn Campbell's version was released in May 1975 and later that same year it topped both the country and Hot 100 charts simultaneously. "Rhinestone Cowboy" served as the basis for the 1984 movie "Rhinestone", starring Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton. You can see Larry perform the song here and Glenn here.

Updated on 10.01.2011: added the original Finnish version by Kari Tapio

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