Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Twist À Saint-Tropez - Yyterin twist

Timo Jämsen (see earlier entry) was one of the pioneers of Finnish rock'n roll. In 1963 he caught on the 'Twist Craze' by recording "Yyterin twist" (Twisting in Yyteri) together with his backing group The Strangers (the famous arranger Jaakko Salo played the organ) . It was the A-side to earlier finnpicked "Eilen vasta Liisan näin" (see here). Yyteri is located in the Finnish city of Pori and it is known for it's sand beach area, that is one of widest in Scandinavia. The original twist "Twist A Saint-Tropez" was of French origin. A group called Les Chats Sauvages (The Wild Cats) had a big hit with it in 1961. The band was among the first outfits to perform rock and roll music in France. Their lead singer at the time, Dick Rivers (real name Hervé Forneri), has since built himself a very successful solo career.

Here's the pair:

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