Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jag tror på sommaren - Taas on aika auringon

If yesterday's Finnpick was the definitive summer pop tune, this must be the definitive summer waltz. Reijo Salminen recorded "Taas on aika auringon" (It's sunshine time again) in 1968 and it was the most requested and played summer song in the end of the 60's and in the 70's (at least). Reijo Salminen was not primarily a singer but a comedian and an entertainer, whose specialty was doing impressions of famous people. This song however was a smash hit for him. The words were put in by lyrics master Jukka Virtanen. The original tune originated from Sweden. The waltz "Jag tror på sommaren" (I believe in summer) was written by Stig Olin and performed in 1967 by Mats Olin. Stig was a multi-talented man; actor, movie director, screenwriter and songwriter. But perhaps he's best known for being the father of the famous movie star Lena Olin. Mats, who sang this song, was his son (and Lena's brother ;-)).

Here's the pair:

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