Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cuando calienta el sol - Kun aurinko polttaa

Johnny recorded "Kun aurinko polttaa" (When the sun heats up) in 1966. It was not the first Finnish version of the song. Matti Heinivaho had made his version already in 1963. But that I don't have. So we present here Johnny's interpretation. The original song "Cuando calienta el sol" (When the sun heats up) was recorded by a Cuban group Los Hermanos Rigual in 1961 and it quickly became a smash hit all over Latin America and eventually in the rest of the world. The composition is usually credited to group members Carlos Rigual and Carlos Martinoli, but actually the song was writtem by the Nicaraguan trombonist Rafael Gastón Perez in the late 50's. The theme was originally named "Cuando calienta el sol en Masachapa". Masachapa is a beach in the Pacific ocean some 30 miles from the capital of Nicaragua, Managua. Los Hermanos Rigual picked up the song while touring through Nicaragua. The song has been recorded by many artists in English with the title "Love Me with All Your Heart".

Here's the pair:

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