Monday, July 19, 2010

Some Kind Of A Summer - Kesistä parhain

Don't know if we now have the best summer of all times, but definitely we're really experiencing some kind of a summer. This awkward introduction leads us to today's Finnpick, Berit's (see earlier entry) "Kesistä parhain" (The best summer). Berit recorded it in 1975 for her album "Sattuma kuljettaa". The lyrics were provided by old stalwart Sauvo "Saukki" Puhtila. The original song "Some Kind Of A Summer" was performed by 70's teen idol David Cassidy, and it was included in his 1972 album "Rock Me Baby". It was released only as an album track. The lyrics can be seen at his fansite.

Here's the pair:

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