Sunday, July 18, 2010

Maria me ta kitrina - Maria lapsi auringon

Greek songs have often been popular targets for musical finnpicking. Päivi Paunu recorded "Maria lapsi auringon" (Maria the child of the sun) in 1976. However, it was not the first Finnish version of the song. Titti Jonsson had made her version in 1975 and also wrote the original Finnish lyrics. The original Greek song "Maria me ta kitrina (Maria in yellow) was written by Vassilis Dimitriou. This song belongs to the category of "classic laïkó " songs and it is a traditional folk song adapted in its modern form by Dimitriou in 1972. Classic laïkó was the mainstream popular music of Greece during the 60s and 70s. I'm not absolutely sure if this Dimitra Galani's version is the original one. But at least it dates back to 1972. Dimitra has been one of the leading ladies in Greek popular music for over 30 years.

Here's the pair:

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