Saturday, July 31, 2010

Romeo - Romeo

The Saari brothers Jouko,and Kosti have been presented frequently here. In the 70's they were joined by their kid brother, and as Jouko, Kosti ja Paavo they recorded several singles and an album. The success avoided them as trio, but nevertheless they made good music. This song "Romeo" is one example. It was recorded in 1977. The original "Romeo" was performed by a British pop rock band Mr Big. The band, originally called Burned Oak, was formed in the end of 60's. They were fronted by guitarist and lead singer Jeff Pain (aka Dicken). Their only claim to fame was this 1977 Top 5 hit, but the band and their songs written by Dicken, were excellent. It's a shame that they didn't became as big as their name. They really should have deserved it. You can see them perform "Romeo"; in promotional video here, and live, here.

Here's the pair:

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