Friday, July 16, 2010

Sunshine Reggae - Sunshine Reggae

Jokke Seppälä (real name Jorma Seppälä) started his recording career in the 70's in a rock group called Session. After that has worked in the backing groups for Kisu and Vicky Rosti, and as a backing singer in Finnish ESC entries, but also made a short recording career both as solo artist and as a duo with his kid brother Jakke. Seppälä has also produced other artists and written songs for them. In 1984 Jokke recorded "Sunshine Reggae". It was released as a single and was a modest hit. The original "Sunshine Reggae" was written and performed by a Danish group Laid Back. Laid Back was founded in 1979 and the band actually comprised of only two members; Tim Stahl (keyboards) and John Guldberg (guitar). Their greatest international hit was this "Sunshine Reggae" in 1982. You can see a music video of the song, here.

Here's the pair:

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