Friday, March 26, 2010

Soul Dracula - Olen Dracula

For some time we have spend time with ladies and women in general. But now - something completely different... It's time for the return of Frederik Friday! Frederik recorded "Olen Dracula" (I'm Dracula) for his eponymous album in 1977. The 'scary' lyrics were done by Raul Reiman. It was released as a single, but it didn't have any greater success. The original song was called "Soul Dracula" and it was the first single released in 1975 by the group Hot Blood, and a big hit in the discos all over the world. Hot Blood was a German studio act comprised of Stefan Klinkhammer, Penny Duke, May Ambruster and many others, including Munich Philharmonic(!). Stefan, who may have been the Dracula in the song, is German producer, songwriter and arranger, who has written many songs for Boney M. The band was purely a recording act and did not do any live appearances. The follow-up single in the same vein (;-)) "Terror On The Dance Floor" wasn't nearly as successful; you can hear it here.

Here's the pair:

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Aintsu said...

Frederikin versio on parempi! Siinä on sentään nähty vaivaa lyriikoiden kanssa :D