Saturday, March 28, 2009

10 O'Clock Postman - Kesällä kaikki on toisin

The sixth entry in our Finnpicks Disco Week series is one from the singer that was more of a rocker. Kirka (see previous entry) released "Kesällä kaikki on toisin" (In the summer everything is different) on B-side of a single in 1980. It fared a little better than the A-side but wasn't a big hit. The original this time originated fron Sweden. The song "10 O'Clock Postman" was performed by Secret Service in 1979. The Swedish group was led by Ola Håkansson (the 'Ola' from Ola and the Janglers) and Tim Norell. The song was groups second smash hit, the first being "Oh Susie". For some reason Norell, who penned along with Håkansson most songs of the band, however, did not appear with them on stage or on the album covers.

Here's the pair:

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Anonymous said...

Yllättävän harvoin tämä Kirkan versio soi radiossa.
Mielestäni tosi hyvä "kesäbiisi".

Myös Secret servicen originaali on hyvä.
Tekstarisukupolvi ei ehkä ole tottunutkaan odottelemaan kirjettä ;)