Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Todo passara Maria - Mulle suostuthan Maria

The third Finnpicks Disco Week song is "Mulle suostuthan Maria" (Would you be mine, Maria). Hard to believe it's performed by famous Finnish balladeer Juhani Markola, who was nothing BUT a disco artist. But this is an excellent version of the song. For my taste, I would even consider it to be better than the original. The song appeared on the other side of the "Ääni puhelimessa" -single (see previous entry) in 1977. The original was called "Todo passara Maria" (Maria passes all). It was a modest disco hit for the Mozambique-born Afric Simone, who has been previusly finnpicked (see and listen here). Like Afric's smash hits "Hafanana" and "Ramaya", the song was collaboration of Stanislav Regal and Afric Simone.

Here's the pair:

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