Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pretty Belinda - Pikku Belinda

Johnny released "Pikku Belinda" (Little Belinda) as a single in 1970. It was a little hit, but Johnny's popularity was somewhat diminishing at this point. This upbeat number has however remained one of his most requested tunes. The original song "Pretty Belinda" was written and performed by Chris Andrews in 1969. Chris started in the show business already in 1959 making his UK television debut, performing on the "Oh, Boy!" show. Later he gained success as a songwriter writing a string of hits for Sandie Shaw, our finnpicked artist from yesterday. Andrews cut also some hits as solo artist and had chart topping success in mainland Europe, particularly in Germany. "Pretty Belinda" was one of those continental hits.

Here's the pair:


Vanda said...

Moi! Mahtava blogi. Olisi yksi toive: tamperelaisen Buddy & The Wiremenin Jezebel. Orkkis on Frankie Laineen.

DM said...

Kiitos! Enpä tiennytkään, että Jezebelistä on suomalainen versio. Frankien alkuperäinen kyllä löytyy, mutta tuo suomalainen versio saattaa olla hankalampi löytää. Pidetään mielessä.