Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Something Stupid - Kuin pieni tyhmä

Jarkko and Laura was a succesful pop duo in the end of the 60's. Jarkko (Jarkko Antikainen) and Laura (real name Laura Antikainen, b. Ruotsalo). They first had their break in 1966, with Laura's composition "Meidän laulumme". They were Finnish representatives in the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Kuin silloin ennen". They released many singles, along with a few covers of international hit songs. One of them was "Kuin pieni tyhmä" (Like a little fool) in 1967. The covered song was "Something Stupid", a smash hit for Nancy and Frank Sinatra. The original version was however done by the author of the song Carson C. Parks (brother of country singer Van Dyke Parks) together with his wife Gaile on their album "San Antonio Rose" (credited to Carson & Gaile) in 1966. It earned little attention, but a friend of Parks played the song for Frank Sinatra, who in turn played it for daughter Nancy's record producer, Lee Hazlewood. "I love it, and if you don't sing it with Nancy, I will," Hazlewood reportedly responded, and the father-daughter duet went on to top the charts all over the world. Here we present the rarely heard ORIGINAL "Something Stupid".

Here's the pair:

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Brian Barkerh said...

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