Monday, March 9, 2009

Bad Bad Boy - Paha tyttö

Muska (real name Marija Babitzin), the younger sister to Kirka recorded several rocking pieces in the 70's. She was about the only Finnish female pop artist at the time to own a 'rocker' image. She cut her first single in 1971 and has been recording and gigging ever since releasing a new album even this year. In 1973 she released "Paha tyttö" (Bad girl) as a single. The original song was written and performed by the members of UK rock group Nazareth. It was very popular in Finland in the 70's with their own singles and albums. For some reason this "Bad Bad Boy" seems to be only Nazareth song that has been covered with Finnish lyrics. There's another one with different lyrics done by the famous Eläkeläiset -group with the original title "Mä humppapappa oon" (I'm an Humba Papa). Perhaps the extraordinary voice of Nazareth's lead singer Dan McCafferty have intimidated Finnish hopefuls. But not Muska ...

Here's the pair:

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