Saturday, March 7, 2009

Piangi con me - Onhan päivä vielä huomennakin - Melodia - Se päivä tulee kerran

Yesterday was Friday, this day is Fredi Day. Even if for no other reason that here Fredi performs two songs with a word 'day' ('päivä' in Finnish) in its title. There are also other similarities; both are international hits and originate from Italy. "Onhan päivä vielä huomennakin" (There's a day tomorrow, too) was recorded in 1968 and "Se päivä tulee kerran" (The day will once come) in 1969. The first one was originally called "Piangi con me" (Cry with me) and performed by band called Rokes. They were a British band that moved to Italy in 1963 and became very popular there. The song is better known with its Englis title "Let's Live For Today" which was a big hit for US band Grass Roots. The second cover was originally performed by our old Italian friend Jimmy Fontana (see previous entry). But we remember it of course as "The Way It Used to Be" sung by Engelbert Humperdinck.

Here are the pairs:

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