Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Can Hear The Grass Grow - Kuulen ruohon kasvun

We end this 5-day Finnpicks rock spree the same way we started it. It's time for Kontra again. The group recorded "Kuulen ruohon kasvun" (I hear the grass grow) in 1978. The song was on their album "Kontran toinen puoli" (The other side of Kontra). It was a truly remarkable album, covering songs from Rogers & Hammerstein to Frank Zappa. The original "Grass" -song was written by Roy Wood and of course performed by his group The Move in 1967. It was the second single by the group and the song itself was psychedelic rock song referring to the synesthetic effects of hallucinogenics. Moog Konttinen's Finnish lyrics even go beyond that and appear to be written under influence ... ;-9

Here's the pair:

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