Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jet - Jet

We have three previous Finnpicks entries for Leo Luoto; the fist one you can find here. In 1974 he recorded "Jet" for his "Leo Luoto" album. It remained only an album track. For some reason it was not seen as a potential single, even if the original song was world hit. The original "Jet" was the single by The Wings, culled from their famous 1973 album "Band On The Run". The song was of course written by Paul McCartney, in collaboration with his wife Linda. It has been said that the song was inspired by McCartney's Labrador Retriever puppy. If so, it's not the first time McCartney wrote about a dog: when with The Beatles, he wrote the song "Martha My Dear" about his sheepdog. Well, the lyrics are a bit odd, and leave much room for speculations, some think that this song was about David Bowie and John Lennon. Bowie allegedly called John as "Jet" ... The Finnish lyrics told about jet airliner named "Jet". Might be the only Finnish pop song devoted to an aeroplane.:-)

Here's the pair:

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