Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Iron Horse - Eteenpäin

Yesterday we had a Finnpick named "Jet", today we present Finnish performer named Jetit. It was a pop duo of two young men (whose names I didn't find anywhere) formed obviously to challenge at the time the other Finnish power pop duo Jouko & Kosti. However they had only one hit, this "Eteenpäin" (Forward), in 1972. The lyrics were done by Vexi Salmi under pseudonym "Leo Länsi". The original song "Iron Horse" was third and final hit for UK pop combo Christie. Christie was led by Jeff Christie, who also wrote most of their material. You can see the band performing "Iron Horse" on a rare promotional film, here. As a bonus I have added a newer (1994) Finnish version by Tuulikki Eloranta, called "Soitellaan" (Let's call), simply becouse I like it ...

Here's the triplet:

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