Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cara Mia - Cara mia

The Finnish power duo Matti ja Teppo (the Ruohonen brothers) have not recorded many cover songs, but this is one of those. This song, "Cara mia", discofied version of the original, was very suitable for their voices and style. It was released in 1976 as an album track on their eponymous album. The lyrics were done by Vexi Salmi. The song was also culled as a single and it hit the Finnish Jukebox Chart (number 5) in 1977. This was some kind of a come-back for the boys, after some leaner years. The "Cara Mia" song was big hit in 1965 for US vocal group Jay and The Americans. You can see the group perform the song, here. But "Cara Mia" was already a hit in 1954 for English singer David Whitfield who recorded the song with the Mantovani Orchestra. The record spend ten consecutive weeks in the number one slot on the UK Singles Chart and was one of the biggest selling British records in the pre-rock days. The song was co-written by Tulio Trapani, which was the pseudonym for Mantovani.

Here's the triplet:


Anonymous said...

Kappas vaan.
Olin pitänyt tuota Jay and the Americanesin versiota alkuperäisenä.

Kyllähän näistä versioista Matti ja Teppo vetävät pisteet kotiin.
Sovitus ja esitys on todella hyvä.

Vieras J

Arrowman said...

Kari Häme made first finnish version on his second and last CBS single 5260. On the flipside there was an Italian cover "Kerrasta poikki vaan" ("Lisa dagli occhi blu")He was one of many Finnish "shooting stars", one hit wonders, recorded two singles, in 1968 earlier finpicked "Kurkunleikkaajien yö" and this "Cara mia" in 1970.