Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Love To Love - Saisinpa vain - Mun beibi ei haluu

Cat Cat is a duo consisting of sisters Katja and Virpi Kätkä. Group's name is a sort of anglicization of the plural of their last name (Kätkät = Cat Cat). Their biggest claim to fame was in 1992, when tthey represented Finland in Eurovison Song Contest. Their entry "Bye Bye Baby" placed 22nd. Also in 1992, Cat Cat recorded this "Mun beibi ei haluu" (By baby doesn't want to). It was on the B-side of their minor hit "Chicabum". However, it was not the first Finnish version of this song. Koivistolaiset and Vicky Rosti released their versions in 1976, both using the same lyrics and title "Saisinpa vain". I present here Vicky's version (simply becouse I don't have the Koivistolaiset's version). The name of the original song was "I Love To Love" and it was a smash disco hit (the single spent three weeks at number 1 on the UK chart in March 1976) hit for English singer Tina Charles. Prior to her solo career Tina was a session singer and member in studio group 5000 Volts, who struck big with "I'm On Fire" (finnpicked here)

Here's the triplet:

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