Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hijo de Luna - Kuun poika

Tuula Amberla (see earlier entry) recorded "Kuun poika" (Son of the moon) in 1992 for her album that also was titled "Kuun poika". This track was, for some reason, not released as a single (it would have been a hit ...). The lyrics, as in most of Tuula's songs, were provided by Jukka Alihanka. The original song "Hijo de Luna" (Son of the Moon) was of Spanish origin. It was written by José María Cano and performed originally by his band Mecano. It appeared on their 1986 album, "Entre el cielo y el suelo", and had an enormous success all over the Spanish speaking world. The lead vocal were performed by the female member of the group, Ana Torroja. The lyrics depict a gypsy woman praying to the Moon for a husband. In the end, the moon says that she shall have her man, but in return she wants her first-born child to be turned over to her. BTW, this song was also submitted by the band as a potential Eurovision Song Contest Entry in 1986, however Spanish Telvison (TVE) selected the group Cadillac ...

Here's the pair:

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