Thursday, November 4, 2010

U.O.Me - Sun vain oon

Mirumaru (see earlier entry) recorded "Sun vain oon" (I'm only yours) in 1978. It was on their eponymous album and was released as a single, but didn't hit the charts. Lyrics were written by Pertsa Reponen. The original song "U.O.Me" was the third single, and first real mainstream success for Dutch girl group Luv', released in 1978. This record is also credited as "U.O.Me (Theme from Waldolala)", becouse it was originally composed (by producer Hans Hemert) as a theme for a popular Dutch TV series "Het is weer zo laat" (a.k.a Waldolala). You can see the group perform the song, here. Luv' has been finnpicked twice before, see here and here.

Here's the pair:

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