Friday, November 19, 2010

Tiger Feet - Saat mut rokkaamaan

Still one more Chinnichap cover from Marjo-Riitta & Savannah. Their sole album in 1974 included this "Saat mut rokkaamaan" (You get me rocking). The lyrics were provided by pseudonym "Kersamo", which undoubtedly refers to Marjo-Riitta (Kervinen) and Savannah's keyboardist Kari Kuusamo. The original song "Tiger Feet" was the first UK number one single for Mud, spending four weeks at the top of the chart in 1974. It was also the best-selling single in Britain that year. You can see Mud perform this rocker, here

Here's the pair:

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Arrowman said...

Sounds like they tried to make Marjo-Riitta as Finnish Suzi, ...without succes... All the songs I heard and you presented here idicates that with their rocking sound...