Saturday, October 9, 2010

Too Late My Love - Liian myöhään

Fredi recorded "Liian myöhään" (Too late) in 1967 .It was released as a single, on the B-side of his Eurovision Song Contest entry "Varjoon suojaan". It's a shame that this fine piece of music has been shadowed by that contest song. The original song was called "Too Late My Love". It was also a B-side (far from being a hit), in 1965 for a British band called A Band Of Angels. They were a mid 1960s pop group, featuring Mike d'Abo on vocals. D'Abo also wrote this song. He subsequently moved to Manfred Mann, when lead vocalist Paul Jones was replaced by him in July 1966, So, Mike's singing lead on this finnpick.

Here's the pair:

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