Monday, October 25, 2010

Papa aime maman - Isä tykkää äidistä

This is a start of "Finnpicks for Kids" -week. We present some songs for the kids, by the kids, and of the kids. We begin with a song called "Isä tykkää äidistä" (Father likes mother), recorded in 1960 by Per-Erik "Pärre" Förars (see earlier entry) with the help of Pikku-Kati (b. Kati Borg). Pärre was already an established and popular schlager singer at the time. And in a way Pikku-Kati (Li'l Kati) was, too. The young lady had done one previous recording in 1958; a duet with Kauko Käyhkö. In the end of the 60's Kati continued her singing career and joined the group Ernos. And in fact that's her singing on yesterday's finnpick! Presently she's working as a sexual therapist, and consulting how fathers can better like/love mothers ;-). The original finnpicked song was of French origin. "Papa aime maman" (Papa loves mama) was written by French orchestra leader and musician Jo Moutet (b. Joseph Moutet). He had a Euro -hit with the song in 1960 under the moniker "Le group J.M.S." (perhaps J.M.S. means Jo Moutet Singers?). However, I guess the song arrived in Finland via Sweden, where Lars Lönndahl and his daughter Anita made Swedish version "Pappa Älskar Mamma". You can see the J.M.S -group perform this song in an early Scopitone movie, here.

Here's the pair:

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