Thursday, October 14, 2010

Go 'Way From My Window - Mene ikkunani luota

As today is the 70th birthday of Cliff Richard, we present a finnpick bunch that includes a contribution from Sir Cliff. One of the most loved songs of Päivi Paunu's folk days is "Mene ikkunani luota" (Go away from my window) that she recorded for her first single in 1966. The beautiful lyrics were provided by folk-compatriot Pertti "Pertsa" Reponen. The song that Päivi obviously covered was Joan Baez's version "Go 'Way From My Window" on her 1964 album "Joan Baez/5". The song is a traditional American folk song originally called "One Night As I Lay On My Bed", which is recorded under many different titles. Perhaps the most famous one is the heartbreaking delivery and arrangenment by legendary folklorist and singer John Jacob Niles, who recorded it with the title "Go 'Way From My Window" on his 1958 album "I Wander As I Wander". I was truly surprised as I found another Finnish version of this song, recorded BEFORE Päivi Paunus's version. Lasse Liemola recorded "Nyt ikkunasta katson" (Now I'm looking out the window) for the B-side of his 1963 single "Taas kerran". The inspiration for this recording must have come from Cliff Richard's version "I'm Looking Out the Window". This song was released in the UK in November 1962, and rose to the Top 10 in early 1963. You can see Cliff perform the song, here. Funny thing is, that in Finland (at least), Päivi's version is labeled as 'traditional', and Lasse's version is credited to John Jacob Niles. Well, it's definetely the same song, as you yourself can hear ...

Here's the bunch:

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