Monday, October 4, 2010

I Can't Control Myself - Sua varten rakkautein ei ollutkaan

In our recurring series "Both Sides Now" here's the B-side to yesterday's Kai Hyttinen finnpick. "Sua varten rakkautein ei ollutkaan" (My love was not for you, after all) is one of those songs that obviously have never been published in any other form that on that particular single in 1967. Well, I'm not saying it's a crying shame, but nevertheless this is an interesting example of Kai's pop years. In addition, we present another Finnish version done by Moog Konttinen (see earlier entry) in 2000. The original song "I Can't Control Myself" was a controversial hit in 1966 for British band The Troggs, written by band's leader Reg Presley. The suggestive lyrics restricted it's airplay in some places, but it did not stop the song going up to number 2 in UK charts. Here's a promotional film for the song.

Here's the triplet:

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