Tuesday, October 12, 2010

C'est ecrit dans le ciel - Tähtien kertomaa

Rauni Pekkala (see earlier entry) recorded "Tähtien kertomaa" (Written on the stars) in 1961 collaborating with the vocal group Neloset (see earlier entry). It was released only on EP, with 3 other songs. The song became a classic schlager, often requested, both in Rauni's and Vieno Kekkonen's versions. The original song was of French origin. "C'est ecrit dans le ciel" (It's written on the skies) was continental hit in 1961 for Bob Azzam (b. Wadih George Azzam). Bob Azzam was born in Beirut, Lebanon (some sources say Cairo, Egypt!), but started his career in Italy in the end of the 50's. In 1960 he and his orchestra made their breakthrough in France and in all of Europe with the Arabic-style song "Mustapha". When Bob's success was eventually declining, he moved to Geneva, where he opened a nightclub in his name.

Here's the pair:

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