Friday, December 5, 2008

Nachts scheint die Sonne - Maantieltä taloon

Danny (see previous entry) recorded "Maantieltä taloon" (From the road to the house) in 1972 It was quite a big hit at the time and you could hear the song all over the place. I guess Danny was covering the internationally known Chicory Tip version, but the original came fron Germany. And again the man behind it was Giorgio Moroder. He composed the song and the original lyrics in German for "Nachts scheint die Sonne" (The sun shines at nights) were done by the artist who performed it - Michael Holm. Michael is a well-known German singer, musician, songwriter and producer. Although he is generally known as a "Schlager" singer, he also created a band called Cusco that has succeeded in reaching a well-merited position in the alternative music with a distinctive style based on the folk roots of South America.

Here's the pair:

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Arrowman said...

Moroder recorded this originally in 1971 in Italy "Tu sei mio padre" You can listen it here - British Chicory Tip made it famous in english in 1972 and later that same year Moroder recorded it too under the same name "Son of my father"