Friday, December 12, 2008

Maria Isabel - Maria Isabel

Let's enjoy of some summer feelings in the middle of darkest winter. This song makes me always think happy thoughts. Ossi Ahlapuro and Ritva Oksanen recorded "Maria Isabel" in 1970. It was the A-side of the only single they did together. Both Ossi and Ritva were actors, but both also cut several records, primarily in the 70's. Ossi can be called "voice actor". He has given his voice to several animated movie characters and he has often been heard in radio productions. Ritva is an esteemed all-round actor with many appraised performances especially in TV Dramas. The original "Maria Isabel" was THE summer hit in Spain in 1969. It was performed by the group Los Payos, a trio from Sevilla. The song was their big breakthrough and became an anthem in the Spanish discotheques in the tourist resorts, and many tourists bought the single as a souvenir. What was unique in the sound of Los Payos was the combining of flamenco guitar with the normal acoustic pop guitar and spicing it up with flute.

Here's the pair:

p.s. I will now leave for holiday, so no Finnpicks for 2 weeks ...

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