Monday, December 8, 2008

Airplane Song - Löysin rantein

Arto Sotavalta was only 14 years old when he fronted the group Rattle Sound Five and won second prize in Finnish Battle of the Bands. More success came with the group Rogues in 1966–1969. (This group included future Finnish guitar legend Jukka Tolonen). The first hit for Arto was this song "Löysin rantein" (literally "with limp wrists", a finnish idiom for "take it easy", not to confuse with the homosexual meanings it has in English language world today) recorded in 1967. The original song was Royal Guardsmen's (see yesterdays entry) 3rd and first non-Snoopy single. It was not nearly as successful as the two preceding Snoopy -singles and reached only number 46 in the charts. But for some reason it was picked by the Finns and made to relatively bigger hit here.

Here's the pair:

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