Thursday, December 4, 2008

Farmer John - Farmer John

Enough with that soft stuff! Here's an entry that some consider to be the first Finnish Punk Record. Antti "Andy" Einiö recorded "Farmer John" in 1964. Antti was not a singer (and perhaps you can hear it on the record), but music business man and TV music program host. This was his first and only (well, amost) try in the pop singing. He cut a couple of other rock'n roll songs, but a career as a pop star wasn't his ambition. Antti has especially been known as a promoter, and has frequently given Finns the first opportunity to see the big world stars performing live. In his early years Andy was also an active sportsman, winning Finnish Championships both in hockey and bandy. The original "Farmer John" was delivered with more subdued fashion by American rock'n roll duo Don & Dewey in 1959. Don was Don Bowman (later better known as "Sugarcane" Harris) and Dewey was Dewey Terry. Although Don and Dewey did not have any hits of their own, several of the songs that they wrote and/or recorded would appear on the charts later, performed by other artists. Dewey penned "Farmer John", and it became a hit for the group The Premiers in 1964. Antti Einiö most probably covered Premiers' version.

Here's the pair:

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