Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ti regalo gli occhi miei - Sulle Silmäni Annan

We continue this romantic spree with Seija Simola (see previous entry). She recorded "Sulle silmäni annan" (I'll give my eyes to you) in 1969. The song has become a classic in dramatic pop. It is considered to be one of Seija's finest moments. The original tune once more originated from Italy. It was composed by Vittorio Ferri for his daughter Gabriella to sing. Gabriella Ferri co-wrote the lyrics to "Ti regalo gli occhi miei" (I give you my eyes) She had broke onto the Rome singing scene in 1965 by singing popular Roman songs. During her career, she also performed Neapolitan and Latin American pieces. During the 1970s, she starred on several TV shows, but by the 1990s, she had largely left the stage. Gabriella died in 2004 after falling from a third-floor balcony, but her songs live everafter.

Here's the pair:

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