Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gli Occhi Dell'Amore - Rakkaus kasvoista kasvoihin

One more dramatic song about love and eyes and faces done by Seija Simola. "Rakkaus kasvoista kasvoihin" (Love face to face) was on the other side of "Sulle silmäni annan" -single 1969. In fact both songs were recorded on the same day - 10.02.1969. It must have been a good day for Seija,. It was a good day for Finnish pop music, anyway. The original songa again was of Italian origin. "Gli Occhi Dell'Amore" (Eyes of love) was a minor hit single for Patti Pravo (see also this entry) in 1968. Patti is known for her contralto voice and has made a long successful gareer in Italy. She's still performing and doing tours today.

Here's the pair:

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