Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Eve Of Destruction - Tuhon partaalla

It's a New Years Eve. Since we're living times of ominious signs in economics, it might be appropriate to listen this song :-). Kivikasvot was a vocal group that was formed in 1965 while the members were all serving in the Finnish Army. It consisted of Ismo Sajakorpi, Ilkka Hemming, Matti "Fredi" Siitonen ja Georg Dolivo. It was not primarily a recording group, but a group of entertainers that could sing in harmony. They had very succesful TV Show in the beginning of 70's. All individual members have established solo careers, especially Fredi, who has many times been presented in Finnpicks (see for example this entry). The quartet recorded "Tuhon partaalla" (On the brink of disaster) in 1965. The original is the well-known "Eve Of Destruction" sung by Barry McGuire on the crest of the 60's folk- and protest movement. Barry had been in the singing group New Christy Minstrels and co-wrote their first and biggest hit single: "Green, Green." He left the group in 1965 and continued as a solo folk rock singer. His one and only big hit was "Eve of Destruction" that went to #1 on charts. According to McGuire, it was recorded in one take on a Thursday morning and then he got a call from the record company at 7:00 the next Monday morning, telling him to turn on the radio - his song was playing.

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