Friday, September 16, 2011

Rockaria! - Rock-aaria

Now it's time for Frederik Friday again! Frederik did a surprise move in 1977 and recorded two ELO covers for his album "Olen Dracula", of which we have already presented one (see here). Now it's turn to lend your ears to the other one. Another surprise with "Rock-aaria" is, that the Finnish lyrics were written by Irina Milan. And I guess she is also singing in the 'aria' part of the song. The original "Rockaria!" was released on the band's successful 1976 album "A New World Record" and was later released as a single. On the recording, it featured the operatic voice of Mary Thomas during the introduction, but during live performances, the 'aria' was provided by the band's bassist Kelly Groucutt.

Here's the pair:

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Magomusiikki said...

Joo, olet oikeassa, Irina laulaa tällä biisillä taustoja, muun muassa. Monella itse sanoittamallaan biisillä on mukana myös esittäjänä, joko pääartistin tai taustalaulajan roolissa.