Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Las Campanas del Olvido - Vuoriston kellot

After a long time, we meet Carola again. Upon entering in the 70's she changed record company and in 1971 on the B-side of the first single was this "Vuoriston kellot" (The bells of the mountain range). The A-side song "Herrojen kanssa pellon laidassa" became a hit, but the B-side has also become one of Carola's classics. The Finnish lyrics were this time written by Tuula Valkama. The original song was an old Colombian folk song "Las Campanas del Olvido" (The bells of oblivion), that has of course been versioned several times. I have chosen the legendary Colombian duo Garzon y Collazos. Dario Garzon and Eduardo Collazos began their collaboration in the end of thirties in the town of Ibague, the capital of the Tolima province. Their golden age was in the latter part of the 40's and in the 50's. Garzon wrote their songs, but their most precious legacy was performing the traditional Colombian folklore music, in the genres like 'bambuco', 'guabina' and 'pasillo'. Today's finnpick is an example of 'bambuco' music.

Here's the pair:

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