Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Non Voglio Mica La Luna - Vie minut pakoon

This entry is dedicated to one of the Italian readers of the blog, who earlier this year send me a list of important Italian songs, whose Finnish covers so far had been omitted. This song was on the top of the list (I have to get back to that list in the future, too). Pirjo Lehti recorded "Vie minut pakoon" (Take me running away) in 1985, for her album "Se on rakkautta oikeaa". For some reason Pirjo never achieved the success that she perhaps deserved. The Finnish lyrics were crafted by Raul Reiman under the pseudonym of Pyry Lunden. The original song was called "Non Voglio Mica La Luna" (I don't want the moon) and it was performed in 1984 by Italian star Fiordaliso (b. Marina Fiordaliso ). To my mind it is one of the best Italian pop songs released in last 30 years. You can see her perform the song in television studio in 1986, here.
Here's the pair:


Anonymous said...

Myös Katri Helena on levyttänyt kappaleen suomeksi nimellä En sulta pyytänyt kuuta

Anonymous said...

it's great that you haven't forgotten that list.. hope you can find other titles like this :)) very nice version this one..!!